5 Wedding Photography Tricks to Mastering Night Portraits

BONUS: Adjust Camera Settings

For a night portrait, knowing ISO is your best friend. Learning to balance your use of a high ISO will help you tremendously in creating images at night. Pushing your ISO to a higher number reduces the amount of time your need to exposure your image for, which is key to creating crisp, sharp night portraits. Be careful, though, as the higher ISO there is, the greater the chance of your image having digital noise. This makes the image look overly grainy (and not in the cool way that a film negative portrays grain!). Practice how far your camera’s ISO can be pushed, and then use this knowledge when shooting your couple.

When you understand how to shoot in any situation, you will be able to create stunning images your clients will love. Although shooting at night has its challenges, using these tools can help you quickly capture the best images possible.

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