5 Wedding Photography Tricks to Mastering Night Portraits

Utilize Flash

In every wedding shoot, the lighting can be drastically different. It is important for you to prepare for challenging light by bringing along additional equipment. Depending on the look you want for the images, you can include several types of flash and off-camera lighting equipment to create a unique look. When using off-camera flashes, you can bounce light off of any of your surroundings, which will take on the color of the surface and create a great atmosphere for the images. Check your surroundings for existing lights that are on but are not powerful enough to produce the light necessary for your couple, and place your off-camera lighting near that location. This will allow you to mimic the available light sources, but maximize the amount of light you need.

Work with Backlight

During the wedding shoot, there may not be enough natural light to illuminate the bride and groom. If there is a location where your couple can pose, such as a Gazebo, place a light behind your couple. This will help light up the location and place a gorgeous rim light on the bride and groom. For example, a scene as simple as an on-camera flash plus an off-camera flash behind the couple can often be all your need to create an amazing night portrait. Or, you can use just the backlight flash, without the on-camera flash, to create a silhouette of the couple and help to outline them. Using this type of lighting for your wedding photography can help you create a beautiful story for your couple.

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